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Hey there! I’m Kris, founder/editor of Want to go Everywhere. I started my blog as a way to share our family travels and adventures with others, and share what I’ve learned (the great and the not-so-awesome) along the way.


I’m not a typical travel blogger. I’m certainly not a full-time traveler – I am a mom, wife, and engineer with a job, a mortgage and all the normal time and budget constraints that everyone else faces. While I dearly love my life and my family, I also spend hours pouring over travel blogs and Instagram posts, dreaming of cool places and fun adventures. While buying a one-way ticket to somewhere exotic isn’t exactly feasible for me, I do my best to budget and plan so I can see as much of the world as I can –  my list is forever growing. 


My career for the last few years has been as a work-from-home parent with my kids as my primary focus. But now they’re getting older, a little more self-sufficient, and with an empty nest looming on the horizon, I’ve been thinking more and more about what I want to do when they grow up. After a lot of contemplation, the answer I’ve come to is that I want to have more life experiences. I want to go and do and see and taste and feel. I want to check things off my list and add more to it. 


When I’m researching and planning all of my future adventures, I often find myself looking for the experience and advice of others who have been there themselves – things like what did they pack? What was great and what was not what they expected? Can I fit all those activities into one day, or should I spread them out? What did they wish they knew before they went? – the stuff that being there in person can teach you.  That’s what I hope to share with you – the information and details I’ve learned and what might be helpful to you in planning your next trip or experience. 

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Who am I?

I’m a Maryland girl who loves the water but currently resides in the desert southwest in the US. I’m married to a fantastic husband Dr. T, who luckily supports my inclination to always be planning something and mom to 2 teenagers, as well as one very spoiled dog. 


I have degrees in mechanical engineering and aerospace systems from Florida Tech and spent 10 years working as a propulsion systems engineer for NASA on the space shuttle program. I’ve done a lot of volunteering as my kids have grown with PTAs, MOPS, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, various booster clubs and other school-related organizations over the years. 


Now, I run an online education business, build websites and drive my kids to all their activities. In my downtime, I enjoy scrapbooking and memory-keeping about our adventures, as well as baking and attempting to keep my house plants alive. I enjoy walks on the beach (sounds, corny, but I really do), DIY projects, photography, crafting, good food, nearly anything with dark chocolate, new experiences, and snuggling on the couch with my dog in my lap. 

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