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I’m Kris. I’m a wife and mom of 2 teens who has a passion for going new places and trying new things – whether it be adventuring in another country or exploring places in our own backyard. 

I know that juggling the joys (and chaos) of keeping your family running smoothly often gets in the way of your own desire to go and do something new and different. Schedules, finances, and just being in charge of all the details, all the time can make planning something new and different feel intimidating and overwhelming. I’m here to share our experiences, details and tips to help you get your plans from the “maybe when I have time” stage to a reality.

Whether you are planning your next adventure and want some tips, or need some inspiration on where to head next – and join me as we make memories, explore new places and take on some new adventures.

Kris from wanttogoeverywhere.com

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